Technology Park & Incubation Centre (Tech-PIC)

General Background

  • Technology Park and Incubation Centre (Tech-PIC) was created to fill a gap in national development. As a University of Technology, the Federal University of Technology Akure has researchers working on innovations and inventions in all aspects of science and technology that can solve many of our national challenges. Over the years, these innovations and inventions have accumulated as pages in local and international journals, theses in libraries and edifices in laboratories. The Technology Park and Incubation Centre (Tech-PIC) aims to stimulate rapid global industrialization with leading products and services through sponsored research, industry academia linkages and state-of-the-art industrial park. The Centre works with students and researchers to take research from the laboratory to the industry as well as taking product challenges from the industries to the laboratory for solution.


  • To provide a technology park that would promote research and development, technological creativity, facilitate the commercialization of technological innovation (i.e. translate research output into industrial products/services) thereby promoting knowledge based economy and technological development of Ondo state and Nigeria at large.
  • To facilitate research and development by providing advanced equipment and facilities for research and supporting devices,
  • To promote commercialization of research project outputs and technological innovations by providing a link between the University, industry, financial institutions, local and global agencies, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, and
  • Promote and stimulate intellectualism, creativity, and technological innovation and to establish knowledge-based economy
  • Mission

  • Promoting the transfer of problem-oriented and industry-identified research output into local and international enterprises
  • Facilitate business planning, creation and growth of knowledge- based enterprises
  • Facilitate the development of human and financial capital of staff, students and the university through entrepreneurial development
  • Promoting the image, reputation and technological prowess of the University
  • Programs

    Key Objectives

  • The Project is to partner with Tech-Pic and incubation Center for the development programs that are inline with her vision for FUTA brand promotion and Prosperities.
  • Web-Portal To develop a web-based platform from which all programs and activities are coordinated for all programs, the FUTA Community and the Industry.
  • Industry Both profiting and non profiting organizations in Service and production within Nigeria and Africa, who has sincere problems that we can find solution to, either within or without.
  • Diverse program - These programs are for lecturers, Students and FUTA Community

    Process flow - Processes tracking system will enable stakeholders at every level to track the position of processes

    Provide Finance through Services offered, partnerships, donations, grants and gifts

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